Renovation Your Terrace or Balcony – Tips for a Better Home

Renovation Your Terrace or Balcony – Tips for a Better Home

Most Indian households take their terrace or a balcony for granted while being unaware of the various things we can transform them into! Let’s see how:


If you have ever seen an average rooftop/terrace or a balcony renovation of an Indian household, it is usually the terrace that is used mostly to only dry clothes or it’s completely unused. In terms of decorative items, you can’t take an old and rusted solar water heater, drying underwear or a TV antenna for an answer. In terms of the balcony, it at least has a better life than that of a terrace with some plants that have not been watered in ages, a broom and a mop left there for drying.

It is time to put all that extra space into good use and transform it into something mind-blowing and useful in your daily life. Owning a house with space that can be used for something nicer to give yourself and your family a good place to hang out during weekends is a privilege not everyone has. So, put it to best use and this blog will help you with exactly that.

Style your Balcony to Suit your Lifestyle

It is easy to use your balcony or terrace in whichever way you intend to, if you know exactly what you will be using it for. Here are some of our suggestions:

1) Exercise, Yoga or Meditation:

In modern day’s busy schedule, it is important for an individual to start exercising their body, mind and soul to cope with all the stress. It is always better to use your balcony or terrace to do this, because let’s face it, fresh air can greatly contribute to ones peace of mind. Take your exercise mat or yoga mat along with your audio devices to listen to your favorite music or your yoga instructor. Move all your equipment to this dedicated area to be mindful of your space while working out or doing yoga.

2) Barbeque Partying:

While this is an activity best spent in a backyard or front lawn, a balcony or terrace can also be utilized for this purpose if you don’t have the ideal backyard. Although, there is a risk of fire, if you take necessary precautions to prevent any accidental fires, you can have the same amount of fun as a backyard barbeque party. You can still use a small electric barbecue grill if you’re afraid of a fire accident. Ensure to bring all the utensils and plates required for the barbeque and you have your own private barbeque den even if you live in a condo or an apartment.

3) Reading Corner:

Sometimes, reading can be your escape from the harsh reality. It’s okay, we all like to get involved in some fiction about dragons and elves once in a while. You can make a quiet corner in your balcony or terrace for you to enjoy the fresh air and scenary while reading your favorite books. No interruptions – just you, your book and some birds chirping in the trees below. You can include a comfy little chair and a coffee table in your new outdoor reading corner. Go wild with your imagination and add decor of your choice too.

4) Let your Pet have some Fun too:

If you already have everything you need in your home, consider dedicating your balcony or terrace to your furry friend. Your pets, especially if they are indoor pets, need some time outside. Typically, apartments and condos are not very open to pets and your neighbors might complain about letting them outside. The best way to deal with this is to convert your balcony into your pet’s little palace to chill and have some exotic pet food. Be cautious to avoid your pet falling by installing pet gates or harnesses.

5) Ideal for plant parents:

No place is better to nurture plants than an airy balcony or terrace. Your plants will love the sunlight and fresh air they get from an open environment than in a stingy room with one window. Roses, daisies, sunflowers and a lot of other exotic plants need proper nutrients from the surroundings to thrive. You can even start your mini garden with spices, herbs and vegetables and harvest your own cooking supplies once a while. Trust us, you will not think twice before showing your beautiful garden to your guests!

6) Renovate Your Home-Office:

Transform your home office into an inspiring haven where productivity thrives with our renovation services. The work-from-home culture is being implemented all over the world and if you are someone who works from home, then you can shift your home-office to the balcony or terrace if there is a nice weather. Even if you work in a toxic place, the pristine air flowing through your lungs might give you some sense of comfort. All you need to keep in mind is to have a chair, a desk and a way to prevent any glare from the computer screen while you work.

Conclusion We can give these areas new life and make room for leisure, connection, and relaxation by adopting the ideas that have been offered into our daily lives. Take advantage of this extra space, unleash your creativity, and turn your terrace or balcony into a haven that reflects your style and improves your general well-being. Reclaiming these areas is only one aspect of the story; another is discovering and embracing the special charm they may offer our houses. Cheers to experiencing outdoor living to the fullest and using every square foot of your living space.

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